"When understood, the Buddha’s universe..is anything but alien and inhibiting. It is a world full of hope, where everything we need to do can be done and everything that matters is within human reach. It is a world where kindness, unselfishness, non-violence, and compassion achieve what self-interest and arrogance cannot. It is a world where any human can be happy in goodness and the fullness of giving." ❦ Eknath Easwara

September 17, 2011

Curiosity - It's the Very Spirit of Truth

A. H. Almaas on Curiosity

"A central, crucial aspect of this work, the spirit of truth, is curiosity. That is the method, the goal and the path. They’re all there, all the time. There is no need to be enlightened to become curious, right? Curiosity is always there, a certain attitude or movement that we’re capable of at any time. And curiosity opens the joy. Joy is curious. Joy is curiosity. As you love the truth, or as truth loves the activity you are engaged in, truth shines. That shining of the truth is the joy. You are being the truth, investigating the truth, loving the truth, and your joy is joy in the truth."

(A.H. Almaas - Diamond Heart, Book One, pg. 239)

"The truth is what makes things beautiful. And curiosity leads to the truth without being oriented by the personality. Curiosity is the motivation from Essence itself. Seeking truth as a goal, as long as you are time-oriented, is motivated by the personality. So, paradoxically, the first thing we need to do is not to seek curiosity. The point is to investigate curiosity, to become curious about curiosity. It is something that cannot be sought, just like happiness can’t be sought. You seek happiness and you kill it. You seek curiosity, and you kill it. Observe your moments of curiosity. Be curious about them; see how there is joy there. The joy is the flicker, the spark of curiosity. It is the spark of truth operating. Curiosity is not seeking, it is living."

(A.H. Almaas - Diamond Heart - Book One, pg. 242)

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